Vandenberg - Command

You find yourself dropped off on the top of the facility. A scientist will immediately come to talk to you to explain the current situation. She will also give you a code and a map. Now open the door to the stairs that lead down from the roof. At the bottom of the stairs take care to avoid the camera. Run so that you are under the camera and from there access the security computer terminal. Disable the cameras and set the turret to attack enemies. Go through the next door. Climb the ladder on the right and look down the shaft. Use the ledges and red light bulbs on the far side of the shaft to gently drop down to the bottom, one step at a time. You may need to use you speed augmentation for the last drop to the ground to prevent yourself from losing any health at all. You get 50 skill points upon reaching the bottom. There is a dead mechanic here and a nanokey beside him. Go through the grate and turn around to face the area you came from. Use the code that the scientist gave you right at the start of the level to activate the backup power for the bots. You get 100 skill points. Now smash open the cabinet behind you to take the bioelectric cell. Then head up the stairs. Kill the 2 MJ12 troopers beyond the door at the top. Now kill the other MJ12 trooper on this level and then speak to the scientist that he was talking to. The enemies on the lower level may or may not come up to get you after this. Either way, you should kill them and get down to the ground floor (that’s 2 MJ12 troopers and a man in black.

Find the lift entrance and press the button. Get in and tell it to take you up to level 3. When the doors open the 2 MJ12 troopers should have their backs to you and can easily be killed. Incidentally, you might like to know that only now have you killed more MJ12 troopers than NSF terrorists! Shocking to think that you were wrongly opposed to all those NSF terrorists and killed them! Go through to the next room and climb the ladder again. This time crawl through the grate above where the lift is located and you will get 100 skill points. Press the reset button to send the lift back down again and use the grate to get out of the lift shaft. Hack the security computer terminal in this room to disable the various cameras and set the turrets to attack your enemies. Go through the door next to this terminal. Grab the swivel chair from behind the personal computer terminal here and carry it through the door to the South. Use the chair to block off the red lasers around the corner and then hide until the guards have returned to their previous positions. Crawl past the blocked-off lasers and now kill the 2 MJ12 troopers in the next area. If you happen to have lost any health already, there is a medical bot for you here as well. Speak to the researcher nearby and then go looking for her friend. Why not try the first door on the left after you got past the lasers? It is locked but your nanokey will open it. Ah, there he is! You get 50 skill points. Speak to the scientist (you won’t be able to take the EMP grenade he is offering) and then collect the bioelectric cell and 20mm HE ammo from this closet.

Enter the flooded room that you can see through the large window. Break open the cabinet near the door and take 3 bioelectric cells and 100 credits from inside. Jump across the furniture (though don’t worry if you lose health in the water as you can always use the medical bot afterwards). One of the dead bodies floating around in here contains a range weapon modification. Use this on your pistol. Get as far as the security computer terminal to earn 150 skill points. You don’t actually need to use the terminal as you have already disabled all the security hardware it controls. Leave this room and replenish your health if necessary before returning past the lasers to the foyer. Go out of the main entrance quietly and kill the 2 MJ12 commandos guarding the door while the bots are not looking, then return to the foyer. On the west wall there is a grate. Crawl through here to receive 75 skill points. There is another grate next to the small set of steps in the room you have now entered. Crawl through it and out of the other side of the passage and then crawl under the large pipe on your left and you will get yet another 50 skill points. The dead scientist has a bioelectric cell which should once again complete your collection of 30 cells. Use the ladder to get back to the last room you were in. Smash through the locked door here and you will reach the outside world.


Climb the tower on the left and kill the 2 MJ12 troopers using it to keep watch from. On the top level of this tower there is a branch to the platform leading to one of the neighbouring pipes. Climb onto this pipe and walk along to the roof of the building where there are two crates. You get 75 skill points for finding this. Return to the ground level by the tower and continue south. In the southwest corner there is the second backup power override panel (behind a cover). Find it and enter the same code as before to activate it and get another 100 skill points. N.B. Both this keypad and the other one that accepts the same code can be activated repeatedly, each time earning yet another 100 skill points. However, for the purposes of this walkthrough I will consider that to be a cheat and therefore not exploit the bug. Otherwise it would completely ruin the art of trying to acquire as many skill points as possible, since you can take as many as you like without any effort at all. Kill the MJ12 trooper here and jump into the red coloured water on the right where there are two large storage tanks. Swim to where you can see two crates to get 50 skill points. Before going round to the front of the building, return to the tower and continue north. There is one more MJ12 trooper for you to kill here.

Be careful to avoid the line of sight of the bots. Make your way to the East towards the military bot patrolling the north side of the grounds. When it is out of sight of the other bots you should destroy it. You can now quickly return to the medical bot that you met earlier to replenish your health before returning here. Sneak around to the East of the bunker and then head south. At the south end of the bunker is the entrance. Press the button and go inside. You are rewarded with 150 skill points. You will find 4 white-phosphorus rocket rounds in one of the crates in the first section of the bunker. Press the buttons beside each of the friendly military bots to open their doors. Having already taken out one of the enemy bots yourself, the friendly bots should be able to handle all the remaining enemies (2 MJ12 troopers, 2 security bots and a military bot) without either of them dying. Now go through the exit to the base that had been guarded by the last two troopers (to the East). If you follow the wall on your left beyond the exit, you should be able to jump the small gap round the corner so that you can walk most of the way around the outside of the base:


There are quite a few dead bodies lying around here. One of them in particular contains a range weapon modification. Use this to improve your sniper rifle. Return to the exit from the base and then go down the slope. You will get 100 skill points down there. Also you can find a datacube in the small hut by the barrier. Now get back inside the perimeter wall and head towards comm bunker 001. As you go inside you get 400 skill points and a scientist will come to speak to you. Proceed to the left room at the rear of the bunker. Open all the lockers (you’ll have to smash the locked ones). You will find a datacube, 4 flare darts and an augmentation upgrade canister. Considering the talk of upcoming radioactive areas, it is a good idea to upgrade you environmental resistance to level 3. Find the room containing the hatch in the floor, but first climb the ladder to the roof of the bunker (use the switch to open the hatch in the ceiling). You get 50 skill points here. Climb back down the ladder and now go through the hatch in the floor.

Vandenberg - Tunnels

Note that it is still possible to return above the surface so you can get back to the medical bot at any time to regain any health you may lose. However you have still not found a repair bot in this level, so try not to lose too much bioelectric energy. Kill the first 2 mini-spiderbots. Hack the security computer terminal to disable the camera and set the turret to attack enemies. Continue past the locked door and intentionally trip the blue lasers to release another 2 mini-spiderbots. Kill these as well (it might help a little to lead them towards the turret which will help you). Return past the locked door to where there is a machine on your left. Open the control panel for it and press the first button. This opens the door that was beyond the hole in the floor from which the last two bots appeared. Go through this door now and then crawl into the small passage to the right through a grate in the wall. Go left along here and open the grate that you will come to in the floor of the passage. Drop down into the flooded room. To the North is a mechanic’s body floating in the water. Below the body is a nanokey. Exit the room through the underwater door to the South. Immediately head up the staircase to get to the surface and take a breath of air.

Continue up the stairs and press the button to open the previously locked door. Go right again and this time climb up the ladder on the left once you are past the next door beyond where the bots had been (use your nanokey to pass the gate in front of it). Crawl through the small hole in the fencing and move along the pipes to the left. You should get 150 skill points soon. When you have got these, upgrade your competence in electronics to master level, using 6000 skill points, and return down the ladder to the flooded staircase. Enable your aqualung augmentation and swim to the bottom of the stairs, then use a multitool to bypass the keypad controlling the door down there. Directly the other side of this door is the dead body of a mechanic. Search it to find an augmentation upgrade canister and use it to bring your speed enhancement up to level 3. Swim back to the surface and return to where you earned your last 150 skill points on the pipes. Keep moving northwest, don’t drop into the radioactive area below. Once you have passed the far door to the radioactive room you can now drop down from the pipes.


Drop down to the room that you are now overlooking and kill the mini-spiderbot running around down there. Leave the room through the door and go up the stairs ahead of you. Press button 2 on the control panel to raise the bridge half way. Go back down the stairs and go left around the room in which the spiderbot had been. Run straight past the blue lasers and up the stairs you come to. Now drop down onto the bridge that you just raised and approach the crates this gives you access to. You will get 150 skill points. Use the control panel again to raise the bridge to level 3 and then cross it to the far side (this time the turret will be active as you run along the corridor with the blue lasers, so I suggest using your speed augmentation to avoid its fire). Kill the next mini-spiderbot. Search the dead body to find a multitool and take the nanokey beside it. Finally climb the ladder to leave the tunnels. You will get 400 skill points as you leave.

Vandenberg - Command

Use the button to open the door and you find yourself back inside the main building. Go up to the next level and approach the door to the control center (by the TNT crates). Open the door with your nanokey and go inside.

Vandenberg - Computer

Take the stairs on the right down to the lower level. You will find a room full of many of the remaining scientists as well as Sam Carter. Speak to Sam and Gary Savage and use the repair bot in here. Go up the stairs to where Sam Carter is standing and through the door next to him. Take the nanokey from the trolley on the right. Given that you now have easy access to a repair bot, don’t worry too much about health or energy. Simply get across to the button on the far side of this room. Press it to lower the lift. Get onboard the lift and ride it to the next level of the computer room. Then get to the personal computer terminal up there. Use it to uplink to milnet. This gets you 500 skill points. When you have done this the arcs of electricity will vanish and you can safely return to the repair bot again. You can use 675 skill points to now upgrade your swimming ability to trained. Bob Page will speak to your audience through the communications device. Then speak to Gary Savage and Sam Carter again before leaving the control center the same way you entered.

Vandenberg - Command

Exit the building through the main door in the foyer and head over to the Northeast. Go down the slope towards the helicopter and speak to Tong. Then take off for the gas station.


ItemsMinimum CollectedMaximum CollectedUsed Up / Dropped
skill points2650n/a6675
weapon modifications2n/a2
augmentation upgrades2n/a2
enemies killed28n/an/a
men in black1n/an/a
military bots2n/an/a
MJ12 commandos2n/an/a
MJ12 troopers15n/an/a
security bots2n/an/a
ammo total990
20mm HE ammo110
flare darts440
white-phosphorus rocket rounds440
other important items7n/a1
bioelectric cells6n/a0