NYC - Brooklyn Naval Shipyards

The first thing you should do is make use of your extra skill points awarded at the very end of the last level by upgrading to trained in electronics, for 1800 skill points. Ahead of you is a grate in the wall. Open it and crawl through. There are 3 soldiers this side of the main gate and all of them are friendly towards you at the moment. One of them will give you a nanokey when you speak to him. Open the hatch in the ground just outside the guard post and climb down the ladder. Jump across the pipes until you are in front of the blue laser beams to get 40 skill points. Look down into the water you have just crossed, there is a gas grenade directly below you. It is a good idea to disable it now in case you accidentally fall into the water later. Drop down on top of the grenade and disable it as soon as you land on it. Get back to the blue laser and go through it. The wall on the left will open to reveal 3 mini-spiderbots. Kill these as quickly as possible with the dragon tooth sword so as to lose as little health as you can. Then use regeneration to replenish your health. Go past the next set of lasers and you will get 20 skill points when you reach the base of the ladder. Disable the 2 gas grenades on the wall ahead of you. Return to the surface using the same ladder that you came down on.

Now open the main gate with your nanokey and enter the compound. Head right behind the trucks and follow the main wall around the corner. When you reach the corner of the warehouse a soldier on patrol will come past. Kill him and pick up the 0-1 LAMs he is carrying. It is possible that the alarm will sound in the warehouse and the gate will open, but it doesn’t matter. Continue to the truck in front of the entrance to the warehouse and smash open its doors. One of the crates in here contains a range weapon modification. Apply it to your pistol. Leave the truck and open the smaller of the two doors to the warehouse in front of you. Enter the warehouse. Run across to where you can see some vending machines and hack the security computer terminal that is next to them to turn off the cameras and open the door. This will give you 20 skill points. Kill the 2 soldiers walking around on the ground floor of the warehouse. Enter the office area through the door near the vending machines. Break open the drawers on the desk in the first room to find a datacube and a nanokey. Enter the office whose door is already open and find a nanokey under the desk. Then smash open the drawers on the desk to find a further 2 nanokeys. Use the security computer terminal in this room to turn off all the cameras, bypass the turrets, and open the door; also use the special features to put the robots in standby mode. The remaining two doors from the previous room should now be explored. The unlocked door leads to the toilets where you will find a datacube in one of the cubicles. The locked door can be smashed open using the combination of combat strength and your dragon tooth sword. In one of the crates in here there are 4 white-phosphorus rocket rounds. Go up the stairs just outside the offices leading up from the vending machines and kill the soldier who is normally just outside the door, on the bridge, and take his 0-1 LAMs. Use your nanokey to unlock and open the metal door ahead of you, this earns you 30 skill points. There should also be a soldier on patrol somewhere just below this bridge. Drop down and kill him too.

Find the hatch in the ground around here and climb down the ladder, finding yourself back in the sewer area. This time, go through the red lasers, since you have disabled the turrets. Use the crates to jump across the water. When you reach the other side you will get 50 skill points. Pick up the LAM from the wall. As you continue beyond the LAM you will get a further 60 skill points. Don’t go any further in this direction yet, instead return across the water and climb up the first ladder on your left, which leads to the warehouse again. Head towards the north exit to the warehouse and kill the soldier that patrols just outside. He will be carrying another 0-1 LAMs for you. Go back through the warehouse, pick up a small crate on your way, and leave through the South exit, then head right. Place the crate in front of the first window you come to in the first building on the left, smash open the window and crawl through using the crate as a step. Be careful to avoid the camera above the main door in this building. Crouch behind desks for cover. There is a security computer terminal (as well as a light switch) on the east side of the south wall of this room. They are slightly out of reach of the cover of the nearest desk, so use an object like a plant to give additional cover from the camera whilst you use the security computer terminal to disable it and the other cameras it controls. Also use the terminal to unlock all doors and open all of them except for the middle one which you will want to leave closed at the moment.


One of the desks in this room has 100 credits in one of its drawers which can be smashed open. Another desk has a datacube on it. There are two doors leading from this room to smaller rooms; the door on the left is of no interest, but use your nanokey to unlock the door on the right and go through. You are given 20 skill points. Break open all the drawers on the desk in here to find a nanokey, 100 credits, and a reload weapon modification which should be used on your sniper rifle. There is also a datacube sitting on the desk. Smash open the safe in this room to find another datacube as well as an augmentation canister (which you can’t use anyway since you already have an augmentation for that slot). Leave this building by smashing down its front door. Go over to the building directly to the West of this one. Smash open its door and you will find a repair bot inside that you can use to replenish your bioelectric energy. Kill the solider who is patrolling the (now open) gate to the West. As you pass the gate you get 40 skill points. Now return to the second warehouse building and open the main door (to the West of the first warehouse). There will be 2 security bots inside. The method I used to kill these was to attract the attention of only one of them and lure it outside the building. Then I would slash it from behind until it blew up and then use regeneration and the repair bot to get my strength back. The second bot is then all alone and the same method can be used. In the southwest corner there is a control room. Press the 3 buttons in there to open the storage areas. The last area contains 2 security bots. Hack the security computer terminal and put them into standby mode, and also check that all the cameras are disabled. Now you can kill the bots in peace. Collect the goodies from the storage areas, namely some 20mm HE ammo and 2 LAMs. You get 50 skill points for entering the third area. You may notice that the recently opened storage areas’ tops now form steps. Jump up to the top of the highest one and you will get another 50 skill points. Don’t bother crossing over into the neighbouring area of the warehouse as it isn’t necessary. Go back outside and make your way round to the North of the warehouse that you were just inside. There should be one remaining soldier outside here who you should kill. Finally, destroy all of the disabled 3 military bots that are standing around, and then press the button on the cage in the far South West to release a fourth military bot, also to be destroyed (these have are very slow turn rate so you can keep behind their field of view easily).

Enter the base of the crane and ride the lift to the top. Step out and press the button in the crane control area. This lowers the arm of the crane. When it has lowered, carefully walk along the arm and drop down onto the rooftop below. Smash through the opening to the vent on the roof and climb inside. This earns you 60 skill points.

NYC - Naval Assembly Building AC System

Crawl along the vent until you reach a large fan below which are 3 mini-spiderbots. Try to lure the bots to the other side of the room from where the ladder is located. Then quickly go down the ladder and immediately open and go through the hatch just behind it. You should get 40 skill points here. Then peer back at the bots and lure one of them towards you at a time in your hiding place. Kill them all this way and use regeneration to regain your health. Return to the room in which the fan is located and find the other door leading out of it. Open the door and kill the mini-spiderbot just beyond it. Go back to where you had been hiding from the bots and continue along the vent until a new map loads.

NYC - Naval Assembly Building And Ship

Go through the hole in the wall just beyond the lift shaft (not the grate leading out to the ship). You will get another 40 skill points here. Go through the door here and along the passage and through the next two doors.

NYC - Naval Assembly Building AC System

You are now in the odd rotating room that you saw before, but on the other side. Kill the mini-spiderbot here and then jump over the gap in the middle of this room to get 24 skill points.


Go through the door into the fan room again and follow the same path you took only a moment ago to crawl through a gap in the wall next to a lift shaft and this time climb down the ladder rather than taking the door.

NYC - Naval Assembly Building And Ship

Take the lift up to the crane control room where you get 40 skill points. Press the button in the control room and then head back down the lift. Go through the other door here and kill the 3 MJ12 troopers patrolling the edge of the water. There are two turnings to the right along this walkway. Take the second turning and go down through the grate in the floor. Approach the edge of the water to gain 30 skill points. Climb back up the ladder and now take the other turning to the right that you had passed earlier. Speak to the mechanics in the room on the left, one of them will give you a code. Continue along the corridor up some steps and around a corner. In the toilets there is a datacube in one of the lockers. The soldier in the guard room is friendly towards you so you don’t need to kill him. There are 2 datacubes in the guard room and you can disable the cameras with the security computer terminal in there too. Keep going through the door that opened ahead of you and press the button to open the door at the end of the passage.

NYC - Naval Brooklyn Naval Shipyards

This brings you back out to the open air again. You can now return to the repair bot to get your health and energy back to 100 %. Now return to the edge of the water in front of the ship. The quickest way to get back is via the sewers.

NYC - Naval Assembly Building And Ship

Jump into the water and swim round to the far side of the ship. There are two ladders leading up this side of the ship. Climb one until you get 20 skill points, then jump back into the water and climb the second one until you get another 20 skill points. Jump back into the water again and find a hook that is lowered into the water from the ship, located near one of the two ladders. Climb the wire that holds the hook and walk (you must be standing) across the top of the crane until you get another set of 20 skill points. Now jump back into the water and swim round to the walkway that you started from again. Next to the ship is a gangway that can be raised to get aboard. Enter the code you got earlier in to the keypad at the bottom of the gangway to raise it. Walk onto the ship and up the ramp in front of you. Open the door straight ahead of you and go inside to get 75 skill points. There are 2 sailors on patrol in this area. If you run around a bit they will come towards you hearing the noise you make, then you can kill them. The second door on the right leads to a room containing 6 lockers, one of which is locked and unbreakable. Use 1 lockpick to open this locker and then take the chit for 100 credits that is inside it. Leave this room again and enter the room directly opposite it, across the hallway. In here you will notice that there is a vial of ambrosia. Drop your 30 bioelectric cells to make room for the vial which you should now pick up. Go up the stairs on the right and into the sickbay to the right. Find a datacube on the desk and a nanokey in the desk’s drawer. Go back out into the hallway and smash open the door to the electronics lab ahead of you. Find 2 datacubes here and an accuracy weapon modification that you should use with your mini-crossbow (the silencer mod can’t be used). Go through the hatch in the southwest corner of this level and you will come out under some stairs. In front of you is a door that leads to a balcony on the outside of the ship. Taking care of the nearby camera, go through there and kill the sailor on patrol (if he hasn’t already heard you earlier and you had to kill him before).

Use the stairs to go up to the top level of the ship and use the code you acquired to open one of the doors to the command centre. Kill the 2 informed guards in that room. Take the nanokey from one of the desks and read the datacube. There is a laser weapon modification under one of the desks. Use this on your mini-crossbow. Use the code you just got to open the door to the captain’s room now. This gets you 30 skill points. By searching this room you should find 3 datacubes, 1 nanokey and a credit chit for 2250 credits. Also press the button to activate the holographic message machine. Hack the security computer terminal in the hallway to disable the cameras and open all the doors. Go into the room with the ship’s wheel and open the door on the right. As you step outside you will get 50 skill points. Go back down the stairs to the recently opened armoury. If you don’t have all the LAMs you can carry you will be able to get one from this room. Pick up the 0-1 LAMs. There is also a lockpick in here to replace the one you used downstairs. Now take one of the TNT crates from the armoury down to the room directly below it. Throw the TNT at the locked safe in the corner to blast it open. Inside is an augmentation upgrade that you should use on your regeneration ability to bring it to level 3.

Exit via the door that you came in through. Make your way over to the East. Kill all 5 Chinese military that are on guard here. At the east end of this area there is a LAM on the ground and a LAM inside a cutaway part of one of the storage containers. As before, depending on how many LAMs you already have you can now pick up 0-2 LAMs. You can access the very furthest east part of the ship by walking along the railing around the edge of the ship to get past the storage blocks at the front of the ship. As you walk towards the crate there you will get 50 skill points. Now head back inside the ship the same way you entered it before. Grab the second crate of TNT from the armoury and take it down to the lower level. This time take that lead lead even further down below deck. Use your nanokey to open the door there. Carry the TNT through with you. As you go through you will get 30 skill points.

NYC - Ship Lower Decks

Put the TNT crate down for the time being, you will come back for it later. Turn right and go down the steps. Crouch to avoid making too much noise or you will be heard. Also watch out for the cameras nearby. At the bottom of the steps head to the West and then to the North. You should come across a bridge which you need to raise by entering a code you received earlier on the keypad just under the bridge:


Cross the bridge. As you enter the room on the far side of the bridge you get 40 skill points. Go straight ahead and up the ladder. Kill all 3 sailors here. You will be able to pick up 6 +/- 6 tranquilizer darts from them. Hack the security computer terminal and disable all the cameras and open the door. Return down the ladder and across the bridge back to where the steps you came down on are. This time go to the North and take the first turning right. Kill the 2 guards in the small room. The crates here contain 4 tranquilizer darts and 4 darts. There are also 2 Chinese military patrolling the passages just beyond this room. You can either kill them now or later if you wish. Now go back to collect your TNT crate. Take it across the bridge you lowered earlier and to the right once you’ve crossed the bridge. Break the window in this room and gently place the TNT on the pipe leading out of the room the other side of the window. Climb through the window yourself and pick up the TNT again. Carry it along the pipe until it reaches a corner. Look down below the pipe and throw the TNT at the square brown patch on the wall of the ship. This should destroy one of the tri-hull weld points, earning you 120 skill points.

Return to where you last killed some guards and go left. You will come to a mechanic who will speak to you. Near him is a repair bot as well as a nanokey and 2 more crates of TNT. Avoiding the electrical arcs in the room nearby, enter that room and kill the mini-spiderbot. Grab one of the TNT crates from outside the room and carry it to the northeast corner of the room, where you will find another of the tri-hull weld points. Throw the TNT at it to earn another 120 skill points. In the opposite corner of the room you will find two grates in the floor. Go through the one to the West so that you are under the floor now. Crawl along here until you are faced with a blue laser. Intentionally trip the laser to open a hatch behind you containing a mini-spiderbot for you to kill. Now return to where the repair bot was and retrace your steps along this passage to where you had killed the guards. Go straight past that room, following the passage round to the left. In an alcove here you can find 4 darts. Hack the nearby security computer terminal and disable all cameras and unlock and open the door. Enter the room ahead of you - this is the bilge pump room. Kill the 3 Chinese military in this room (two on the lower level and one more who is likely to hear the noise and come to get you from the stairs). Return briefly to the repair bot to restock on health and also grab the last TNT crate. Return to the bilge pump room and throw the TNT at the third tri-hull weld point in the corner of this room for 120 skill points. In the far corner of this room is a switch. Press this switch and then hack into the nearby personal computer terminal. Choose to reverse the bilge pumps from the special options. Go up the stairs in this room and jump onto one of the large moving bits of machinery. Jump across in this fashion to the balcony on the other side of the room. You will get 80 skill points for this.

From this balcony go through the door ahead of you and find 4 darts behind the barrels in the alcove to the left. There will be a Chinese military in this area so kill him when he passes by. Return to the bilge pump room and go up the stairs again. Now go through the door and hack the security computer terminal on the right to disable the cameras. Continue to the far end of this passage and open the door on the right. Hack the security computer terminal to the right of this door, disabling the cameras as well as unlocking and opening the door on the other side of the walkway with the arcs of electricity. From here drop down to the lower level of this room and exit where the repair bot is. Turn left and make your way into the room with the large octagonal pillar. Behind this pillar is a ladder which you should climb. You come out in a room with a large fan that propels you upwards. Ride the jet of air to the top of this room where you will find two possible exits. Hover towards the exit to the South. Go just far enough in that you are awarded 30 skill points, and then return to float above the fan again. Now go to the exit to the North and get another 30 skill points. This time, however, do drop down the vent system. At the bottom head to the East. Take the second turning to the left which brings you out on the far side of the walkway in the room with the electrical disturbance. Go through the open door into the control room to get a further 50 skill points. Kill the 2 Chinese military in here. Climb down the ladder through the grate in the floor of this room and open the door in there. You will find yourself in a large room with a helicopter in the middle.

The first thing to do is to kill all the 4 Chinese military here (2 are outside, 2 inside the room in the middle). The 2 inside the room will be carrying 2 nanokeys between them, each one the key to his own locker. One of the lockers contains 4 darts for you. There is also a datacube on one of the beds. Climb the ladder onto the roof and approach the helicopter to get 40 skill points. Just to the East of the helipad is a grate in the floor. Drop down to the ground and go down through this grate. A little way along the duct you should get 40 skill points. Return to the hangar with the helicopter. In here is another of the tri-hull weld points that must be destroyed. Unfortunately the only other TNT crates on this level are a long way away. You must return to the ammo storage facility warehouse near the start of the mission, where there had been 2 security bots hiding in one of the storage areas. One of the other storage areas contains 3 TNT crates. Collect one of these and bring it back here to the hangar (the only way to carry the crate back to the ship is via the sewers; also don’t jump in the water when you leave the sewers, instead climb the ladder and then use the ramp up the side of the ship). Once you have retrieved a crate of TNT, throw it at the tri-hull weld point to earn 120 skill points. There is only one of these remaining now, it is in northeast corner of the room in which the first one you destroyed was located. You will also have to collect another TNT crate from the ammo storage warehouse in order to do this without using any ammo (N.B. it is possible to destroy these points using the combination of the dragon tooth sword and combat strength, but I have not found a way to do this without J.C. being killed in the resulting blast). When this last tri-hull weld point has been dealt with you will get your final 120 skill points and the ship will begin to shake violently. Just head back to the roof of the naval assembly building (hopefully you can remember how to get there!) and take the helicopter out of here.


ItemsMinimum CollectedMaximum CollectedUsed Up / Dropped
skill points1819n/a1800
weapon modifications4n/a4
augmentation upgrades1n/a1
enemies killed56n/an/a
Chinese military17n/an/a
informed guards2n/an/a
military bots4n/an/a
MJ12 troopers3n/an/a
security bots4n/an/a
ammo total23350
20mm HE ammo110
tranquilizer darts0120
white-phosphorus rocket rounds440
other important items1n/a1 / 30
bioelectric cells0n/a0 / 30