NYC - Battery Park

You find yourself back in Battery Park. Go to the shanty town area and speak with the guy who is in the hut where 2 people are standing by a fire. He will give you a code and you will get 175 skill points. You can now use 2700 skill points to upgrade your skill level in weapons: low-tech to advanced. Ignore the locked box in one of the other huts. Also don’t buy any ammo from the older bum outside. Go down into the subway station and use the code on the keypad in the telephone booth. Make your way along the secret tunnel.

NYC - Brooklyn Bridge

Continue to the end of the tunnel and climb up the ladder out into the station. Talk to the mole person (Charlie) at the Northeast end of the station. Go up the staircase to the East and speak to the gang members there. Walk all the way to the West side of the upper level, hack the ATM there, withdrawing 150 credits, and find the Rook (El Rey). Speak to him and tell him you will take out the drug dealer. You will find 1 gas grenade inside the octagonal ticket booth here. Go back down the stairs to the far East and proceed to the South East corner of the station. There you will find the drug dealer. Ask him about the Rooks when you speak to him. If you don’t feel comfortable killing him because you feel he hasn’t been verified as an enemy of yours at this stage, speak to him again and ask him about the mole people then tell him that you are with UNATCO. This will anger him and he will draw a gun on you. Now you can consider him an enemy, so kill him before he kills you! Plant 1 LAM on the wall near here, but deactivate it, and also drop your 1 mini-crossbow temporarily so that you can pick up the 2 vials of zyme that the drug dealer was carrying. Now go back up to meet El Rey and tell him that you killed the drug dealer. He will give you 1 LAM to replace the one you just planted and this will get you 100 skill points. Go back downstairs and over to the Northeast corner of the station. Go along the tracks to the area where you can see lots of rubble on the ground. Open the door on your right. Throw 1 LAM in there to blow up the debris in your way. Now go back out to the station and find the junkie wandering around the station. Ask him about the mole people and give him 1 vial of zyme. Now find Lenny (the junkie in the men’s restroom) and trade 1 vial of zyme for 1 LAM. Return to the tunnel you cleared a moment ago and go through to the room at the other end. Walk up the ramp immediately to your right step across onto the first section of piping and from there, while crouching, jump onto the sloping part of the wall and move across to the other side of the room:


If you are having difficulty jumping onto something, it may make it easier if you crouch while jumping. On a related note, if you ever have problems getting off the top of a ladder try facing upwards as you try to get off, this should help.

Turn off both the valves in the far corner of the room and you’ll get 100 skill points for doing so. Jump back over the pipe which had been leaking gas before and exit through the tunnel again. Speak to Charlie the mole person once more to get another 25 skill points. Go to the women’s restroom and find the keypad that was mentioned. Enter the code and go through the secret passageway which opens up in the corner of the room. You will get 100 skill points for entering it.

NYC - Mole Tunnels

Go down the ladder and kill the nearest NSF terrorist over to the North. He will provide you with 3 +/- 3 rounds of 10mm ammo if you still need any. Go to the West and look round the corner to the North. Get the attention of the terrorists standing there and then retreat back up the ladder. Kill them as they are returning to their positions. Now go back to the North again and kill any other NSF there. Overall you should have killed a further 3 NSF terrorists now since the first one in this area. You can take 3 +/- 3 rounds of 10mm ammo and 2 +/- 2 tranquilizer darts from them. Go to the left towards the toilets. Before going through the passage on the left, look to the right where the rubble meets the wall. You can crawl through a small gap there and disable a LAM on the far wall. Take 1 bioelectric cell and 1 EMP grenade from the hiding place. You will also get 38 skill points for finding this area. You may find that you are awarded another 100 skill points here. This is not supposed to happen, but if it does then it just means you will not get one of the later sets of 100 skill points, so it doesn’t make any difference either way whether you get it or not.

Return past the ladder and this time make your way South. Keeping to the West side of the tracks, go through the first hole in the wall you come to and speak to the mole person there. You will get 25 skill points. Now go back out and kill all the other 5 NSF terrorists in the area and to the South (2 of them are in the huts). Always use the ladder to retreat to if necessary. The only item that any of them has which is of interest to you is 1 EMP grenade. Don’t bother with any crates around here. You should see a brick which is out of place in one of the wooden rooms. Press it. It is located under the crosshairs in the following picture:


Go through into the commander’s secret room. You will get 100 skill points. Talk to the NSF commander. This will get you a further 100 skill points. Take the nanokey, pick up the flamethrower to give you an extra 100 napalm rounds, pick up the pistol for a further 6 rounds of 10mm ammo and collect the 100 pepper cartridges. Head back to the women’s restroom to the North and use the nanokey to open the locked door. Go through and get the 100 skill points (unless you got them earlier when you found the hiding spot by the rubble). Keep going forwards.


ItemsMinimum CollectedMaximum CollectedUsed Up / Dropped
skill points863n/a2700
weapon modifications0n/a0
augmentation upgrades0n/a0
enemies killed10n/an/a
drug dealers1n/an/a
NSF terrorists9n/an/a
ammo total1042211
EMP grenades220
gas grenades110
napalm rounds01000
pepper cartridges1001000
rounds of 10mm ammo0120
tranquilizer darts040
other important items1n/a0
bioelectric cells1n/a0