Hong Kong - MJ12 Helibase

Climb up the ladder to your right. Avoid the camera and kill the 2 MJ12 troopers. Open the crate on the far side of the area. Drop your 3 gas grenades, 4 EMP grenades and your combat knife so that you can pick up a sword. This will now be your primary weapon replacing the combat knife. It does more damage but there is a longer delay between strokes since it is larger. Open the hatch near where the swords were and go down it. Take care not to make any noise or you will arouse the guards. One of the lockers is unlocked. Being careful of the camera, take the nanokey, 100 credits and 100 pepper cartridges from inside. Go through the hatch in the wall near the stairs. Keep going until you reach a junction and then turn right. Go left when you reach a room filled with barrels. Turn right at the next junction. Go past the first ladder, but up the second ladder which is near a hazmat suit. Go through the hole in the wall opposite and you will come out in flight control deck 2. On the wall to the right is a locked box disguised as a panel in the wall. Use your sword to smash it open and take the nanokey and look at the datacube. Hack the security computer terminal and switch off the cameras. Press all 3 buttons you find on the control panels and look at the datacube. Exit through the door. Go down the stairs on the right just one level and come out to where the helicopter is. Go down the stairs which are now in front of you. Open the door with your nanokey. This is the munitions bay. Take the 4 white-phosphorous rocket rounds and the nanokey. Look at the datacube and apply the recoil weapon modification to your pistol. Now exit the room through the hatch in the wall.

Turn left, right and then left again. Use the code from the datacube to bypass the keypad on the wall. This earns you 50 skill points. Quickly crawl back along the tunnel; go right twice and this should bring you away from the gas. Keep going and then climb up the first ladder you come to. Use regeneration and the repair bot to regain any health you lost. Go down the stairs (the same ones which also lead up to the flight control decks). Wait for the gas to disperse and enter the main room. The gas should have killed 4 MJ12 troopers, but you will still need to kill 2 MJ12 troopers yourself (one behind the computer and one patrolling the showers). There is a datacube on one of the desks here. Go up the steps to the sleeping area that you had previously crept through. Use your nanokey to open the locked lockers here. You will find a nanokey, datacube and 50 credits inside them. Go up the main staircase and use your nanokey to enter flight control deck 2. You will get 75 skill points for this. Wait until the repair bot is on the right hand side of the main room below (so that it doesn’t get caught in the blast) and then press the weapons lock button and go back down stairs and out into the main area to watch Jock blow open the exit door for you. 2 security bots will be released into the area so hide from them on the staircase for the moment. The best way to deal with the bots is to return to flight control deck 2 and wait for either one of them to wander underneath the helipad. Then press the button to lower the helipad on top of the bot and it will instantly be destroyed:


Do this for both of the 2 security bots. Crawl through the gap in the rubble left by the explosion Jock caused (it is possible to do this without losing any health, but you may have to save and reload once or twice). Get inside the lift and you will receive 175 skill points. Press the button to go down.

Hong Kong - Market

Open the door and leave the lift finding yourself in a market in Hong Kong. The low brick building in front of you and slightly to the right has a locked door. You can use your sword to smash this open. Take care that no one sees you wielding your weapon or the alarm will be raised. You don’t need anything from the crates here, but open them so you can get to the far side of the room. You can open a hidden door in the corner of this room which reveals a second door beyond it. The second door is controlled by a keypad but you can again use your sword to smash the door down anyway. Going through gets you 40 skill points. Now you can use 4500 skill points to increase your skill level in weapons: low-tech to master. There is also a datacube in here. Get back out to the market again. Walk along by the wall to the West until you reach the end. Hack the ATM on the left to withdraw 300 credits. Go up the stairs nearby into the restaurant and jump onto one of the tables by the West wall. From here, climb out of the restaurant so that you drop down onto the roof of the building below. Walk along the rooftops of the shops keeping next to the West wall. When you reach the last building (by the lift again) you will get 40 skill points:


Jump down off the roof and go East towards the police station. Turn left and continue until you reach the newspaper stand. You will find a datacube here as well as other interesting things to read. Turn right to go past the newspaper stand and then right again. Once you have reached the other side of the police station turn left and go to where you should see a boy speaking to a guard. Speak to the guard (Gordon Quick). Keep going past Gordon Quick and follow the sign to Canal Road.

Hong Kong - Canal Road

Watch the triad members fight each other. Like they tell you, “it’s none of your business” so you should not be concerned with who wins. As far as I can tell the outcome is random. Go to the left and you will meet a road block with police who don’t seem too bothered about the fighting triads. Jump over the road block and you will get 50 skill points as you approach the vans. Go back over the barrier again and return to the exit. Hack the ATM from which you can take 150 credits. Leave Canal Road.

Hong Kong - Market

Head to the Northwest corner of the area and follow the sign to the Old China Hand which leads down some steps.

Hong Kong - Waterways

Turn left and ignore the crossing over the canal. Go through the first door on the left:


Enter the bar and a man will come to speak to you thinking you are Paul. If you keep talking to him he will offer you some items, but don’t buy any of them. You can get a lot of information by talking to the drunk and the bartender. Behind the bar is a chit for 25 credits. In the room behind the bar there is a door leading to the freezer. Go through there and when you reach the hanging meat climb up the pile of boxes so that you can stand on the rail from which the meat is hanging. On one of the walls you will see some hatches; go through one of them and make your way along the duct. You will get 50 skill points here. Eventually you will come to a ladder going down which is submerged in water. Temporarily drop your flamethrower here before getting in the water. Jump in and swim as quickly as you can. Swim down the shaft, avoiding the broken part of the ladder which will slow you down, then go through the broken door. Turn right and swim past the baby karkian. Keep going until you reach some rubble. When you begin to lose health, activate your regeneration augmentation. You can squeeze through a gap in the rubble (use your light to find your way) and you will come out in a small opening where there is a laser weapon modification for you. You also get 10 skill points here. Quickly head back to where there is air up the ladder you started from. Get your health back to 100% with regeneration and pick up your flamethrower.

Head back in and this time turn left. Try to get the baby karkian that you saw last time to follow you. Swim upwards as soon as you can see air above you. Avoid the baby karkians and run over to the far corner where you can see a dead body. Use regeneration to regain your health again. Pick up an augmentation upgrade canister from the body. Use it to set your combat strength augmentation to level 4. Kill the 3 baby karkians. I find the easiest way of doing this is by jumping into the water where they can reach you and running around them, never letting them actually bite you. Every so often run towards one of them, take a swipe at it with the sword and then run away again quickly. Repeat this until they die. Swim back up the ladder. You may find that you use up all of your bioelectric energy in your attempt to regain full health here, but this doesn’t matter so long as you are still alive. Go through the freezer again and leave the Old China Hand. Ignore the turning across the canal as before and when you reach the turning that you had used to get here from the market don’t take it, just continue onwards. You will will go up some steps and find yourself at another junction. Go right and you should find yourself walking North with the canal on your left. When you reach the end of the path turn right again.

Go down the slope you find at the East end of the canal. The door in the room below leads to the boat which is docked here. Get onboard the boat. There is a datacube in the hull of the ship down the steps. On the main deck of the boat there is a cardboard box under a lantern at one end. Break open the box and ‘use’ the lantern to open a secret door:


You will get 30 skill points for entering the secret area. Use the repair bot to get your health and energy levels back up to maximum. There is a locked box in here which you can’t currently open without using lockpicks. Leave this for now. Find the girl on the boat and buy all 3 weapon modifications from her. This will cost you 1750 credits in total. Apply the recoil modification to your sniper rifle, reload to your pistol and accuracy to your mini-crossbow. Leave the boat the same way you got onboard so that you are back on the path above the canal again. Head West sticking to the South side of the canal and when you reach a bridge jump into the water. There is a door near you facing onto the water on the East side of the canal which runs South. Climb out of the water and go through this door. Ignore the locked box immediately in front of you and head up the stairs. You will get 20 skill points here. There is a credit chit hidden on top of one of the wooden beams near the ceiling. Take it to get 50 credits. Speak to the fisherman if you want and then climb up the ladder. Press the switch to open the door. Follow the signs to Tonnochi Road by going left and then jumping across the canal where the path has fallen in (you should find yourself next to 2 police after crossing the canal). There are some steps just to the South of the police. Go along here.


ItemsMinimum CollectedMaximum CollectedUsed Up / Dropped
skill points540n/a4500
weapon modifications5n/a5
augmentation upgrades1n/a1
enemies killed13n/an/a
baby karkians3n/an/a
MJ12 troopers8n/an/a
security bots2n/an/a
ammo total1001030
pepper cartridges96990
white-phosphorus rocket rounds440
other important items000