New West Coast - Missile Silo

Begin by killing the 5 dobermans around the perimeter first. Then go towards the guard building in the southwest corner. Kill the 3 MJ12 troopers gathered around the table inside. Take the nanokey and credit chits totalling 200 credits from the table. Break open the locked boxes and one of the contains a range weapon modification. Use it to upgrade your GEP gun. Go up the stairs. On the pillar in the middle of the room is a keypad that controls access to the loft. The two digit code is easily guessable, but there is nothing of interest in the loft anyway. Leave the building and return to where you began this level to the East. You will find a gate in the fence here (although it is quite difficult to make out that it isn’t just another part of the fence). Open it with your nanokey and go inside. The first thing to deal with is the building on the left. Use the small metal crate to smash one of the windows and climb in. Quickly kill the 2 MJ12 troopers in this room. Grab the nanokey and go West through the room filled with crates. In the room beyond that crawl through the grate in the wall on the right. Go up the stairs and kill the MJ12 trooper sitting at the desk as well as the MJ12 trooper walking around on the roof outside. Now take care of the MJ12 trooper carrying a sniper rifle up on the tower. Climb the ladder to the top and kill him. It is now time to deal with the bots. Destroy both of the 2 security bots that are wandering around. Don’t worry about having to use regeneration as there is a repair bot nearby. To get to the repair bot return to the roof of the building to the South and go round to the north side of it. Cross the bridge and climb down the ladder inside the building. Once you have healed yourself, use the grate in the floor to leave the room. It takes you to a staircase underground.

Descend all the way to the bottom and use the code you were given the bypass the keypad on the door down here. As you enter the next room you will get 300 skill points. Use the same code on the next door as well as the door to launch command on the left. Walk along the cylindrical passage and dash through the red lasers so that you can kill the nearby MJ12 commando before he can react. The lasers will trip the alarm system and 3 men in black will (probably) come after you. Kill them as well (try to kill one of them while you are near the lasers, that way they will cut out and you won’t continually trip the alarm all the time). Remember that you can still return to the repair bot whenever you need to at this stage. Go to the left and find a ladder leading up to a shelf area. Up here is a mini-spiderbot for you to destroy. Head West and you can drop down into a locked bathroom to find a scientist being held captive as well as a datacube. Use the boxes to climb back out of the bathroom. Drop down to the floor again and now take the stairs up. After you have listened to Gary Savage you will be awarded 350 skill points. Now spend 2250 skill points to become a master at swimming. Press the red button to abort the launch. Access the security computer terminal that was just made available and use it to initiate the new launch. A further 350 skill points are awarded for this. Use the security options to look through the cameras at the enemies awaiting you in the silo. Exit launch command through the cylindrical passage and approach the silo doors that are opposite.

Go through and find a grate in the floor just at the start of a passage leading to the missile. This passage is setup as trap for you. To avoid it you should open the grate and jump down. You will slide along and land in a pool of water under the missile. Press the button on the lift shaft to call the lift climb onto it and go up one level at a time. The next floor is button 2. Here you meet Strong. You can use your speed enhancement augmentation to help you jump up the crane machinery to reach Howard Strong so that you can kill him. Return to the lift and go up to level 3. Destroy the 2 mini-spiderbots and then head up to level 4. Use the repair bot and then proceed to level 5. There are 2 men in black and 2 MJ12 commandos for you to kill on this level. You will likely need to return to the repair bot just below during your fight with these enemies. There is one more man in black remaining now on level 6. Finally after you have killed him and got your health and energy back at 100% you should climb the ladder leading up to the surface from level 6.


Use the button next to the hatch at the top of the ladder to open it. Get on the helicopter and head for Area 51!


ItemsMinimum CollectedMaximum CollectedUsed Up / Dropped
skill points1000n/a2250
weapon modifications1n/a1
augmentation upgrades0n/a0
enemies killed28n/an/a
Howard Strong1n/an/a
men in black6n/an/a
MJ12 commandos3n/an/a
MJ12 troopers8n/an/a
security bots2n/an/a
ammo total000
other important items0n/a0