Vandenberg - Gas

Run south and speak to the bums by the fire. One of them will give you a nanokey. You can also speak to Snadra Renton from Hell’s Kitchen who happens to have found her way here. Further south behind a fallen pillar is a dead body and another nanokey. Beyond the ruined bridge to the north is a building on the right. Use your nanokey to enter through the locked door. Make your way along the sewer pipe and climb up the ladder to find yourself in a small enclosed rubbish area in the gas station’s grounds. You should be careful on this level to make sure that the enemies don’t realise you are attacking them or else Tiffany could be killed. Crawl through the small hole in the fence and kill the MJ12 trooper outside when no one else is watching. Then kill the MJ12 commando walking around near the pumps. Enter the building to the East and use the crates as steps to climb onto what looks like a generator in one of the back rooms. This should let you access the ventilation duct. Crawl along the duct and you will get 50 skill points. At the far end climb the ladder into the storage space above the ceiling. From here use the ladder in the middle to get onto the roof.


Jump across to the roof of the next building along to the South. Go through the hole in the roof, finding yourself above the cell in which Tiffany is held. First take care of her guards: a man in black and an MJ12 trooper. It is possible that some of the other enemies nearby will hear this (especially the explosion of the man in black) and come to help. Either way you should silence all remaining hostiles in the gas station before letting Tiffany get to the helicopter. If you find that the door to the building is locked, the nanokey is sitting on a shelf nearby. There are a further 2 MJ12 commandos, 2 dobermans and 1 MJ12 trooper to be killed (the dogs and trooper can be found to the East of the building that Tiffany is in, through the gate in the fence). One of the commandos is carrying a nanokey. Now speak to Tiffany by opening her cell and tell her to make a run for the helicopter in the junk yard. Climb the ladder on the back of the large tanker truck in the yard and drop into the tank through one of the hatches on the top. You will find 100 credits inside. Get back out again and then follow Tiffany into the junkyard. Enter the hut on the left and take 250 credits from the shelf inside. Then smash down the door to the area where there is a repair bot. Use it if you need to. Leave the hut and speak to Jock.


ItemsMinimum CollectedMaximum CollectedUsed Up / Dropped
skill points50n/a0
weapon modifications0n/a0
augmentation upgrades0n/a0
enemies killed9n/an/a
men in black1n/an/a
MJ12 commandos3n/an/a
MJ12 troopers3n/an/a
ammo total000
other important items0n/a0