Paris - Chateau DuClare

Go around to the rear of the house where you will find the back door. Smash down the planks of wood that are across it and go inside. Go through to the room straight ahead of you and into the one beyond that. On top of the fireplace in here there is a nanokey. Go back to the first room you were in and head to the North. Beyond the dining room is the kitchen. Climb into the dumbwaiter and press the switch to go upstairs. This takes you to Beth’s bedroom and you are rewarded with 100 skill points. Take the 4 flare darts from the table in front of you and the nanokey from a shelf to the left. Nicolette will say how much her mother valued the painting in this room. If you go over to it you will find that it can be opened to reveal a hidden stash of goodies that Beth had left for Nicolette. You can get 100 credits, a nanokey, a datacube and a reload weapon modification (use it to upgrade your sniper rifle). Exit Beth’s bedroom (Nicolette should have opened one of the doors for you, otherwise you can use your nanokey). Go to the left and Nicolette tells you that there is a nanokey on the table in the corner of the gallery overlooking one of the rooms below. Open the next door that you come to on your left and enter the bathroom. In the far room there is yet another nanokey by the large mirror. Leave the bathroom and continue to the left. Open the room at the far end of the corridor with your nanokey - this is Nicolette’s bedroom. ‘Use’ the human skull above the fireplace to reveal a secret area in which there is a clip weapon modification that you can use to improve your sniper rifle - you will no longer be able to make use of further clip upgrades. Leave Nicolette’s bedroom and take the first left. Go down the stairs and then get back to the kitchen again.

Use your nanokey to open the doors to the wine cellar. You will get 150 skill points for getting this far. In the lower right room of the wine cellar is a candelabre which can be used to open a secret entrance to an underground bunker:


You are awarded an extra 150 skill points for finding this. Go to the right in this bunker and you should find a staircase that is blocked by large beams of wood. Break these with your sword and go up the stairs. Halfway up there is a small room to the right in which there is a security computer terminal that you can use to disable a camera and unlock and open and door. Continue to the top of the stairs (past some more beams of wood) to find Beth’s secret computer room. You will get 250 skill points. You can find 2 bioelectric cells, an accuracy weapon modification (for use on your mini-crossbow), 4 flare darts, a repair bot (that you should now use) and an augmentation upgrade canister that should be used to improve your regeneration ability. Access the personal computer terminal in this room and send the signal for a meeting with Morgan Everett. Speak to Nicolette once again and she will give you a nanokey.

Now come back out of the cellar and exit the chateau through the rear entrance again. Ahead of you is a maze in the garden. Wander around the maze until you find the 2 MJ12 commandos guarding the entrance to the crypt. Kill them both and take the bioelectric cell that one of them is carrying. Enter the crypt to get 150 skill points. Proceed through the murky passages until a new map loads.


ItemsMinimum CollectedMaximum CollectedUsed Up / Dropped
skill points800n/a0
weapon modifications3n/a3
augmentation upgrades1n/a1
enemies killed2n/an/a
MJ12 commandos2n/an/a
ammo total880
flare darts880
other important items3n/a0
bioelectric cells3n/a0