Paris - Near Champs Elysses

You should still be carrying your TNT crate. If you look around you, you will notice that you cannot return to the previous level, which is why you had to take the TNT with you in advance. Leave it here for the moment, as you will first need to deal with the many enemies above ground. As you continue through the sewers you will reach a junction, turn right here. Continue to the end where there is a ladder. Climb up and smash open the hatch. Take care while peering out as there are bots on patrol near here. You should climb up when they have their backs turned towards you. Run northwest behind the nearest building to where the hatch was. There is a safe spot here. Follow the perimeter wall to the West (carefully avoiding the security bot between the two buildings) and then to the South. In the southwest corner of the map is a large structure with many pillars. There will be a single MJ12 trooper walking around it. Kill him whilst out of view of nearby policemen. (Otherwise they will turn on you as well). If you are interested, this trooper is actually carrying a scope weapon modification, but you can’t use any more of them. Go towards the metro entrance and get the attention of the MJ12 trooper that is patrolling just to the right of it. Lead him to the pillars where you can easily kill him out of sight. Next you should get the attention of the MJ12 commando that was just beyond where the previous trooper had been patrolling. Lead him to the pillars as well. He is likely to begin firing rockets at you, but these are easy to dodge, so don’t worry.

As you can see, the current plan is to basically rid the streets of dangers before exploring the buildings and such, so let’s continue to do so. As you reach the main road there should be a military bot and an MJ12 commando somewhere to the left. Try to get the attention of the commando but not the bot and to lead him over to the pillars again before killing him. If the police start chasing you as well just lose them without engaging in combat. The remaining enemies are mostly located in the northeast corner of the map. Approach this area from the South. You should try to use similar tactics as before - lure one or two of the enemies out of their positions by attracting their attention and then avoiding their fire whilst letting them chase you. You should guide them to the South of their corner of the map and then take the first alley on the right. By the time you reach the main road they should have given up the chase and you can kill them on their way back to their positions. The police should not notice the deaths here either. Having explained the general approach all I will say is that there are 4 MJ12 troopers, 1 MJ12 commando and 1 doberman to be killed. After these have been taken care of, enter the hut in the area where these guards had been stationed. Hack the personal computer terminal and disable the patrol bots. You will get 50 skill points for entering this hut. There is also a datacube on the table and a bioelectric cell. To the West there should still be one last MJ12 commando walking up and down the main road. Kill him and then destroy both of the disabled 2 military bots. You will inevitably take some damage from destroying the bots, but it won’t be much. All that remains now is one security bot that you saw in the northwest part of the map. This is very difficult to kill without using ammo, but it is possible, although you will lose lots of health. All I can say is that you should use your combat strength augmentation and keep running around the bot to try and avoid its fire. After you have killed it you will want to use regeneration to get your health back to normal. There are 2 police nearby who are standing next to some ATMs. Hack either of these ATMs and you can withdraw 1125 credits.

Return to the guards’ hut to the East and then proceed south. Speak with the man (Leone) in the alley to the right (although he may have run off in the fighting earlier in which case he should return shortly). Now enter the motel in the southeast corner and talk to the night manager. Then go up the stairs and round to the gallery overlooking the back room. On a trolley you will find a nanokey. Use it to unlock the door to the locked room on this upper level. Inside you will get a bioelectric cell, datacube and 100 credits. Go down to the ground floor and speak to both the bartender and Renault in the back room. Tell Renault that you will check out the bakery. Leave the motel and head west along the perimeter wall until you reach the main road. Smash one of the windows to the bakery and hide until the alarm has ended. Then enter the bakery whilst the police are not watching you. In the northeast corner of the room is a grating that you can open. You get 50 skill points for approaching it. Inside you will find 6 vials of zyme, 12 plasma rounds and 100 credits. Temporarily drop your sword as you pick up the zyme. Return to Renault and trade the zyme for 300 credits before collecting your sword again. Go out onto the main road. If you look at the bakery that you have burgled, you will notice a two rain covers on the side of the building - one above the main entrance and one that is slightly higher above the window to the right. At the far end of this second shelter there is also a ladder leading up to the roof.


Use LAM climbing to get onto these shelters and climb up to the roof using the ladder. There is not much on the roof itself, however if you look to the North you will see that you can drop down just outside the first floor windows of the neighbouring building (that’s the second floor for American readers 😉 - here in the UK we call the floor which is at ground level the ground floor and the one above it is the first floor). Break the glass of these windows and go inside. This apartment is filled with nice items. There is a datacube, a chit for 100 credits, and 3 weapon modifications (that you can use): apply the accuracy mod to your mini-crossbow, range to your sniper rifle, and clip to your pistol. You will also get 50 skill points if you go near the door of the apartment. Exit through the window and drop down to the ground. Now go round to the East where you will find the main entrance to the apartment you were just in. Go up the steps leading to the door to the neighbouring apartment instead, and then use LAMs to climb up to the balcony above the door.


This will get you 50 skill points. Go inside to find 100 credits on a table by the left wall of the building. Smash open the cabinet in the room overlooking the main road; you can take 200 credits and a datacube from here. In the bedroom there is a bioelectric cell underneath the bed. To exit the apartment again you will have to drop down from the balcony that you entered through. Try to drop onto the frame of the door below to break your fall midway down. If you also activate your speed augmentation on the way down you will lose only very little health. Across the street to the West there is a cafe. You will find a datacube in the kitchen area. Also if you speak to the mother (Agathe) in the family sitting at a table in the front of the cafe you will discover a code (that you don’t need). Now it is time to make use of the TNT that you had rescued from the previous level. Collect it from the sewers and take it to the electronics store located next to the bakery. Use the TNT to blow open the door to the store. You may have to watch out for police that turn on you if they see this. Enter the store and get 50 skill points. There is an ATM here. By now, in the various datacubes that you have found, you will have acquired the account details for 3 bank accounts in this level. Login to each of them using this ATM. The accounts will provide you with 300 credits, 150 credits, and 100 credits. Now enter the Club la Porte de l’Enfer across the street via the main entrance.

Paris - Nightclub La Porte de l’Enfer

When you come to a cigarette machine, smash open the grate in the wall nearby and crawl through. This brings you out next to the doorman. Pick up the nanokey from the shelf and continue through the next grate ahead of you. This will take you to the bathroom. Make your way across to the opposite side of the bathroom and you will find another similar grate. Crawl along the passage again and finally you will come to one of the back rooms in which there is the club’s accountant. Don’t buy the information that he will try to sell you. A picture in this room is openable. Break it open to find a datacube, bioelectric cell, nanokey and 100 credits inside. Use this nanokey to open the locked door in the room. Inside there is a crate containing another bioelectric cell. Now leave this room through the other door and enter the room directly opposite. Here is the rear exit to the club (which you can open with your nanokey). You will come back here later, so remember where it is! Go out of the other door (opposite the one you entered through) and you will come to a room with a keypad-controlled door. The latest datacube you found contains the code for this keypad, so type it in and enter the room. You get 50 skill points here. You can take 4 flare darts, 4 tranquilizer darts and 100 credits from this storeroom. Now leave this room and turn right into the main club area. As you come out from behind the bar you will get a further 100 skill points. Do not give any money to any of the girls on the dance floor. Go through to the area to the right with tables and seating. The man sitting alone will try to sell you a bioelectric cell, don’t buy it from him. As you overhear the conversation between the women sitting at a table in the corner you will hear them mention Chad. Speak to them to tell them that Chad is ok. Now go up the stairs to the West that lead to the upper level of the club. Speak to the young woman sitting by herself up here and she will tell you to meet her outside. Now go back down to the rear exit of the club that you found earlier and leave the building.

Paris - Near Champs Elysses

You should be able to hear a helicopter behind the club. Go to find it and you will see the young woman from the club that you had spoken to. Talk to her again to discover that she is in fact Nicolette. Finding her will get you 300 skill points. Take off in the helicopter.


ItemsMinimum CollectedMaximum CollectedUsed Up / Dropped
skill points700n/a0
weapon modifications3n/a3
augmentation upgrades0n/a0
enemies killed14n/an/a
military bots2n/an/a
MJ12 commandos4n/an/a
MJ12 troopers6n/an/a
security bots1n/an/a
ammo total4200
flare darts440
plasma rounds0120
tranquilizer darts040
other important items5n/a0
bioelectric cells5n/a0