NYC - Lower East Side Cemetary

Approach the main gate and press the call button. Someone will come to open the gate. Enter the gate keeper’s building and notice that the picture on the wall of the first room is at an odd angle. Open it wider to reveal a keypad. The code to this keypad is so obvious that you should guess it as one of your first attempts. Bypassing the keypad will open an area behind the bookcase (alternatively you could take a swipe at the bookcase to open it). Inside is a strange looking object which you will get 140 skill points for destroying with your sword. Head out to the cemetary and take a look around. You should find some 20mm HE ammo behind a gravestone. There are two graves which are currently dug up. One of them leads deeper underground. Follow this passage underground and you will eventually come to a door in the earth that opens for you automatically. You will get 20 skill points for reaching this.

You are now inside Dowd’s crypt. Find Dowd and speak to him. This will earn you 200 skill points. During the conversation you will also give Dowd the vial of ambrosia that you found aboard the ship. Now open all the graves in the crypt. One of them leads to a passage going deeper underground. Next to this particular grave is a plaque with the name “Dowd” written on it. Move this plaque to reveal a safe hidden behind it. break open the safe and use the augmentation upgrade canister inside to bring your aqualung up to level 3. Use a small crate as a step to help you climb into the grave. As you walk along underground you will get 20 skill points. When you reach a ladder, climb up to the surface.

This next part can be very difficult. There are 8 MJ12 troopers now in the cemetary. The best way to kill them is wait until none of them are facing you, then sneak up behind the nearest one, slash at him and then run for cover back down the hole you came from. When you have finally killed them all, pick up the bioelectric cell from one of the open graves and then return to the gate keeper’s building. The gate keeper is now considered an enemy so finish him off. Go back outside to the helicopter and take off.



ItemsMinimum CollectedMaximum CollectedUsed Up / Dropped
skill points380n/a0
weapon modifications0n/a0
augmentation upgrades1n/a1
enemies killed9n/an/a
gate keepers1n/an/a
MJ12 troopers8n/an/a
ammo total110
20mm HE ammo110
other important items1n/a0
bioelectric cells1n/a0