Paris - Knights Templar Cathedral

Keep going to the end of the passage and then climb the ladder. As you come out into an alley look behind you. Use the metal crates as steps up to the ledge on the wall. From there break one of the windows and enter the room. Search the dead body to find a chit with 100 credits. There is also another chit for 150 credits lying nearby. Use the beam in this room to make your way up to the top floor of the building. Take the nanokey resting by a mirror up here and then get back down to the alley that you first emerged in. Walk along until you reach a gate. Beyond it will be an MJ12 commando. Wait until he has his back to you, then open the gate using your nanokey and kill him. Keep going forward until you see a bridge across the road. There is a sniper up there so be careful. Run under the bridge and also be sure to avoid the gaze of a nearby military bot. On one side of the road under the bridge is both a locked door and a window behind which are some items. Break the window, setting off the alarm, and run back towards the alley beyond the gate until the alarm has ended (quickly to avoid fire from the turret). When it safe to do so again, return to the window and access the security computer terminal behind it. Turn off the camera and set the turret to enemies. Also pick up the 4 flare darts and 4 tranquilizer darts. You should now have the full 60 tranquilizer darts no matter how many or few you may have picked up from enemies in the past.

Try to let one of the snipers on the bridge spot you. If he is to the left of the bridge at the time, he should run down and open the locked door for you whilst trying to find you. When he gives up and returns to the bridge the door will sometimes remain open and sometimes he will close it behind him. Do this until the door is left open for you. Then go through the door and up the stairs and kill all 3 MJ12 troopers up there. Take the 100 credits in the small area across the bridge. Wait for the military bot to be under the bridge (away from the next batch of commandos) and then use the security computer terminal in the area over the bridge to shut it down. Then go back down and destroy the bot, taking a little damage yourself as it blows up. Continue towards the metro entrance. Kill the MJ12 commando and MJ12 trooper that are walking around it. Now go down the steps and enter the metro station. Don’t worry that you are told to first visit the cathedral - it just means you can pick up some things at the metro sooner rather than later 😊

Paris - Metro Station

There are 4 doors leading out of the main foyer of the metro station. One is the door through which you just entered and another will not open for you. Of the other two, first visit the room beyond the door opposite the one you used to enter the station. Use LAMs to climb onto the raised area at the back of this room. You will get 50 skill points for exploration. If you red the book that is on the ground here, it informs you of (most of) the details of a bank account. Now speak to the mechanic wandering around. Don’t bother trying to threaten him to get a discount - it doesn’t work. Just buy both the accuracy weapon modification (use on the mini-crossbow) and the range weapon modification (use on the pistol) from him. These will cost you 750 credits and 800 credits. Return to the foyer and go through the other door that will open for you. Get down to the platform to earn yourself 150 skill points. From the foyer once again, go to the door that does not open automatically and break the glass. Walk through to find a repair bot that you can use as well as an ATM. Hack the ATM and withdraw 1350 credits. Now exit the metro in order to continue towards the cathedral - you will return to the metro again later.

Paris - Knights Templar Cathedral

Go through the passage that is on your left as you leave the metro, leading to a bridge over a pool. Kill the MJ12 commando that is guarding this bridge. Beyond the bridge you will find the cathedral itself, as well as many enemies and security bots.


First you should try to avoid the bots and kill the human enemies. To begin with it is quite easy to kill the MJ12 trooper to the right carrying an assault shotgun as well as the MJ12 trooper to the left carrying a mini-crossbow. Just be sure you watch what route the bots are following so that you know how to avoid their line of sight. Now go round to the east side of the cathedral, avoiding the bot. Climb the trellis that you are told about so that you are on part of the roof. Then use the sloping supports to get up to the next part of the roof a little higher up. Break the glass in the roof here and drop down into the library. If the commandos nearby here you dropping down they will come to look for you in which case you must kill them now, otherwise you will kill them as you come to them. There is a nanokey in here by one of the stands. First exit the library through the door and kill the MJ12 trooper looking out of the window up some steps from this door. Continue upwards and kill the MJ12 trooper at the top. Then cross the bridge and take out the MJ12 trooper on the other side too. Go down these steps and you will find yet another MJ12 trooper here.

Go all the way down the stairs, right to the bottom. This is the kitchen area. Talk to the chef and then kill the 2 MJ12 troopers in the adjoining room. Take the 4 flare darts from the table. Hopefully you were listening to what the chef told you! Follow the route he described: go back up three flights of stairs, turn left and then down the stairs. You will come to a door that is accessed using a keypad. Keep going past this door for the moment. Take a left after the next few steps up and then go through the door on the right at the top. You get 250 skill points for entering this room. Kill the woman in black (jumping backwards to avoid her self destruct explosion). Take the 400 credits from the cabinet nearby (which is likely to have been blown open by the explosion, otherwise you should be able to smash it yourself). Use the security computer terminal to disable the camera and then take the nanokey from the table and look at the datacube (which contains many useful codes!).

Go down the first set of stairs again and the take the other turning that you avoided before. Kill the MJ12 trooper here and stay out of the cameras view. Use one of the codes that you just obtained to open the locked door in here. Climb up the ladder on the wall in the room beyond and go through the door on this level. Press the switch on the wall to open a secret door here. You will get 150 skill points. Find the crates in the hallway and take the 4 flare darts that one of them contains. Go back through the secret door and down the ladder again (if the door has closed you can open it again by pushing the nearby light). Now go down the stairs in this room. Gunther is nearby and will come to speak to you once you can see him. He will then attack you immediately afterwards. The best thing to do is to get a headstart in fleeing from him. Do this by standing on the edge of the stairs (on the right) and peering round to the right to see Gunther. He will stand next to the steps while speaking to you and once he starts to attack you he will have to run around to the foot of the steps first, giving you some extra time. Retreat beyond the room with the camera and turret. Gunther should give up the chase somewhere around here. Then you can return and kill him from behind with a single blow whilst he is standing motionless:


Return to the room that you met Gunther in. Approach the personal computer terminal by the cross on the wall and you will get 500 skill points. Use the terminal to establish the uplink. Now turn around and go to the messaging device where Simons is waiting to speak to you. Go back upstairs and through the room with the camera and turret. From here go down to the door with a keypad that the chef had told you about. You now have the code for it (from the datacube in the woman in black’s room). Go inside Sidon’s vault. You will get 250 skill points. Push the nearby large metal crate such that it is blocking the red lasers and wait for the alarm to end. Avoiding the cameras, get to the far side of the vault. There is a security computer terminal here that can be used to disable all the cameras and turrets. Now search around for useful items. You should find a reload weapon modification (use on the pistol) as well as a bioelectric cell and a range weapon modification (use on the sniper rifle) that are placed on top of one of the storage boxes. There is also a repair bot here for your use. Exit the vault now and turn right.

Go up the stairs to the roof and cross the bridge. Make your way down to the library again and this time go down the steps that are in the library. Kill the 2 MJ12 commandos here and search the various rooms for items. You should find 3 chits: 250 credits, 100 credits and 100 credits. Also there is a datacube, a nanokey and a recoil weapon modification (in a dark corner behind one of the beds). Use this on your sniper rifle. Go up to the library again and out through the door. This time go down the stairs all the way to the bottom and enter the room to the South. Kill the MJ12 commando in here. The cathedral buildings themselves have now been secured and all that remain are the security bots still on patrol outside. Leave the cathedral through any of its doors (eg. the main door leading out of the room you are currently in). Use a combination of combat strength with your sword, regeneration, circle strafing, running for cover and using the repair bot in Sidon’s vault to kill each of the 4 security bots, one at a time. Now return to the metro station.

Paris - Metro Station

Go straight down to where the platform is. Toby Atanwe will run to meet you. It makes no difference whether you want to let him prevent you from learning the route you will take or not. You get 150 skill points for finding Toby.

Paris - Morgan Everett’s Home

Make your way over to the kitchen area of Everett’s home. Speak to the maid who will say you can help yourself to a snack. Help yourself to the 100 credits lying on the shelf instead. Continue to talk to the maid until she tells you about Lucius DeBeers. Now enter the room to the West. Take another 100 credits from here as well as a nanokey in the bathroom area. Open the mirror and break through the wire gate. Access the security computer terminal and disable the cameras. Continue into the room beyond where you will meet Lucius DeBeers. You get 100 skill points. Also pick up the 100 credits from the table and the datacube. Return to the kitchen area and go through the door to the East. Go down the stairs, through the room with the repair bot and past the aquarium.


Take the first turning to the left. Speak to Alex Jacobson a few times and take the bioelectric cell from his desk. Also hack the personal computer terminal to find some useful codes. The next room contains a datacube, a bioelectric cell and a medical bot. Use the code you found in Lucius’s room to bypass the keypad controlling the door in here and go through into the darkened room beyond. You will get 100 skill points. Take the nanokey and bioelectric cell. Speak to the prototype AI, Morpheus, the floating blue entity in the room, until you have exhausted its conversation. Go back past Jacobson and then turn left. As you enter the next room you get 500 skill points. Go over to Morgan Everett and speak to him. Continue talking to him a few more times to gain lots of information. He will give you a nanokey at some point. You won’t be able to use the weapon modifications in the cabinet here so don’t bother opening it. Either by using the codes you found earlier or by hacking the security computer terminal, open the chambers containing the augmentations and upgrades. Use the augmentation upgrade canister to bring your aqualung to level 4 proficiency. Use your nanokey to open the hatch in the wall of this room and climb through to enter a tank in the aquarium. Swim through the passage below to reach the other tank. You will be given 50 skill points here. Now swim back to where Everett was.

Make your way back to Lucius DeBeers. When you talk to him you have a few options:

  1. you can go along with Everett by reassuring DeBeers that he will come along soon and then leave DeBeers alone
  2. you can reassure DeBeers that everything will be ok and then kill him anyway
  3. you can tell Lucius the truth - that Everett won’t revive him - but then ignore Lucius’ request to be killed
  4. you can tell Lucius the truth and kill him as he asks you too

It doesn’t matter which you choose as far as the plot is concerned. However, (2) is out of the question really as DeBeers hasn’t even asked to be killed if you do that. Whether (4) is a good choice or not is a question of euthanasia - one that I don’t want to discuss here as everyone has their own opinion! However following the guidelines I set out at the start of the walkthrough I said not to kill any friendly people, so that would rule out killing DeBeers. Anyway there is a remote chance that Everett could change his mind and revive DeBeers, or someone else might do so; because as Everett himself said, DeBeers’ illness is not irreversible, he could be revived if Everett wanted him to be. That leaves (1) and (3) as the choices. If you choose (3) then Lucius is likely to be unwilling to cooperate with Everett anymore. Thus Lucius’ experience will not be there to help the illuminati anymore. Ultimately it comes down to whether you trust Everett or not, given the warnings that Alex Jacobson gave you. However you should realise that no matter what you do Everett will still be in charge, and Lucius’ continuing influence can only be a good thing. Considering that Everett is also currently your ally and invaluable to your own goals I would suggest choosing (1). But like I said - it’s up to you.

Turn right as you leave the bedroom and then right again. Use your nanokey to open the locked door on your left. Go up the stairs and get 50 skill points as you enter the hangar. Speak to the mechanic in here and realise that something is wrong. Return to Everett to ask him about it and he will tell you to kill the mechanic. Go back to the hangar and interrogate the odd mechanic. He will deny everything and run away. If you continue to follow him he will eventually draw a gun on you and be considered an enemy by the game engine. Kill him. Get back to the hangar and now look at the first piece of machinery on your right. Open the grate in its side and take the bioelectric cell that is inside. Approach Jock’s helicopter and take off.



ItemsMinimum CollectedMaximum CollectedUsed Up / Dropped
skill points2300n/a0
weapon modifications5n/a5
augmentation upgrades1n/a1
enemies killed26n/an/a
Gunther Hermann1n/an/a
military bots1n/an/a
MJ12 commandos6n/an/a
MJ12 troopers13n/an/a
odd mechanics1n/an/a
security bots4n/an/a
ammo total12160
flare darts12120
tranquilizer darts040
other important items5n/a0
bioelectric cells5n/a0