NYC - Battery Park

After speaking with Anna Navarre, first jump into the water to your right where you will find 2 crates containing 1 medkit and 1 lockpick. Use the ladder by the boat to leave the water again. Go up the steps to the East on the left. If the boy asks for some food don’t give him anything. Turn to the left and go through the first gap in the wall there. You should see Castle Clinton ahead of you. Go around the castle and you should find a crate by the West wall of the map. It contains 6 rounds of 10mm ammo. Keep going around the castle until you meet Anna with some other UNATCO troopers. There will be another crate by the castle’s entrance containing 12 buckshot rounds. Before entering the castle, go towards the Northeastern corner of the map. If you approach the huts there the NSF terrorists will begin to fight with the UNATCO troopers, usually resulting in all of them dying except for 1 of the UNATCO trooers, as far as I can tell. According to the aims in the introduction, you should prevent any UNATCO troopers being killed using as little ammo as possible. I haven’t managed to do this without using any ammo at all yet (let me know if you can find a way), but if you aim carefully with 1 gas grenade near the 4 NSF terrorists this will allow the UNATCO troopers to take them all out without having a single casualty of their own. Despite this, one of the UNATCO troopers is likely to say to you: ‘we lost some of our men’ incorrectly after the fighting! The dead bodies will provide you with 9 +/- 9 rounds of 10mm ammo and 2 +/- 2 tranquilizer darts.


Whilst being careful to avoid letting the terrorists in the subway entrance see you, collect the other items from the huts and the crates in this area. You should find: 1 lockpick, 1 bioelectric cell, 1 soy food, 4 prod charger rounds, 3 forties, 12 buckshot rounds and 60 rounds of 7.62x51mm ammo. If you need help seeing inside the huts you can use your light but be careful not to drain too much of your energy. You should also have noticed that 2 of the huts had locked boxes inside them, don’t bother to open them. Now return to the castle’s entrance. If you get the attention of the terrorists inside and let them follow you out of the entrance then Anna and the others can deal with them. Just make sure that none of the UNATCO troopers gets killed. In total there are 5 NSF terrorists to be killed here. You will get 15 +/- 15 rounds of 10mm ammo from them. Without entering the room in the centre of the castle you will find 4 crates (2 of them are in the recesses in the walls). You will find 4 crates (2 of them are in the recesses in the walls). You will get 12 buckshot rounds, 60 rounds of 7.62x51mm ammo and 1 multitool from these crates. Now enter the room in the middle of the castle. You will get 40 skill points for this. Take the nanokey from the shelf. Speak to the boy through the next door and give him 1 soy food, you will earn 50 skill points for your kindness. Take out your GEP gun and the boy should run away scared. Use it to fire 1 rocket round at the locked box in the corner of the room. Collect the 1 bioelectric cell and find the datacube. If the blast from the GEP gun didn’t already blow open the locked door leading out of this room you can now open it with your nanokey anyway. Use the code from the datacube to bypass the security keypad in this next room. A hatch will open in the floor, go down these stairs and you should receive 20 skill points.

Take the first door on the left and kill the NSF terrorist down there (avoid the camera though). You can take 3 +/- 3 rounds of 10mm ammo and a nanokey from his body. Go back up the stairs and now use your GEP gun to fire 1 rocket round at the other door leading off this area. Go through and if the blast didn’t open the safe already you can now use your nanokey to open it. You will get 65 skill points for entering this room. Pick up the nanokey, the 4 rocket rounds, the 1 medkit and the 100 napalm rounds. Look at the datcube in the safe and switch your 1 stealth pistol for the augmentation canister which is in there. Now hack the security computer terminal and switch off all the cameras and set the turrets to enemies. Leave this room and go back through the other door again. In the first room here there are 2 crates and a variety of items. In all you should find: 1 bioelectric cell (it is on top of one of the stacks of crates, you can see it and collect it just by jumping), 1 medkit, 4 rocket rounds, and 6 rounds of 10mm ammo. Go through to the area to the South where there is some water and you will see some Ambrosia. Walk close enough to it and you will get 150 skill points and Alex Jacobson will tell you ‘objective complete’. Return to the previous room and head East through the corridor. You will find 30 rounds of 7.62x51mm ammo and 1 multitool in the corner section of the corridor. The turrets may not have killed the remaining terrorists, if so you will have to kill them yourself. The next NSF terrorist you should come across is carrying a flamethrower so be careful if he is still alive! To pick up the 1 flamethrower along with 50 +/- 50 napalm rounds you must first drop: all 7 forties, 2 soy foods, 1 baton, 1 sawed-off shotgun, 3 gas grenades (the gas grenades are only temporarily being dropped, you will come back for them during the Hell’s Kitchen section) and 10 sodas. Continue along by the edge of the water, up the stairs, across the bridge, up the next stairs and through the corridor until you reach the window overlooking the bridge you just crossed. You will pass 2 NSF terrorists on the way, either already dead or otherwise about to be killed by you! Between them they carry 6 +/- 6 rounds of 10mm ammo. Next to the window you will find 4 prod charger rounds. Proceed up the stairs and go through the door to the right. You will find 1 multitool, 1 bioelectric cell and 6 rounds of 10mm ammo (the ammo is in the water). Walk over to the blue door. You will get 20 skill points and the door will open automatically. Go through the door, finding yourself where this mission began.


Anna Navarre will come to speak to you in a few seconds (she has to run over from the castle’s entrance first). Choose the ‘I’m learning as I go’ option in the conversation. This will get you 2 EMP grenades (1 more than if you had chosen the other option) as well as 10 skill points. Go over to the Northeast corner of the map and find the hatch in the ground just to the North of the subway entrance. Go down it and through the next door, finding a ladder. Go down the ladder to the bottom level. (Alternatively you could also have used the hatch in one of the huts nearby). Head north through the ducts and go through one of the hatches which leads to the subway station. There are many hatches that you could use, chose whichever is most suitable depending on the positions of the terrorists. Take out the 5 NSF terrorists one at a time, each time hiding in the ducts until the remaining ones have given up the search for you before taking out the next one. By using the combat knife they will not detonate the explosives even if they see you killing one of them. You will get 12 +/- 12 buckshot rounds, 6 +/- 6 rounds of 10mm ammo and 50 +/- 50 napalm rounds from their bodies. There is also a crate from which you can get 1 lockpick. Talk to the hostages on the platform and then open the train’s doors. You will get 300 skill points as the hostages get on the train and 40 skill points as you approach the corner of the station.

Get back outside (using the ladder and hatch again) and now go part way down the steps to the main subway entrance, just enough to get the attention of the terrorists there. Now hurry back through the hatch, down the ladder and out onto the platform. The 3 NSF terrorists should have run through the blue lasers in their search for you, letting you kill all 3 of them in the same way as the previous ones. They are carrying 9 +/- 9 rounds of 10mm ammo for you. Go back through the ventilation ducts to the surface and go down the subway entrance to where the crates are. They contain 1 lockpick and 6 rounds of 10mm ammo. Now go back up to the surface and down the hatch for the last time. When you reach the platform, open the doors and get on the train yourself. It will take you to Hell’s Kitchen.


ItemsMinimum CollectedMaximum CollectedUsed Up / Dropped
skill points695n/a0
weapon modifications0n/a0
augmentation upgrades0n/a0
enemies killed21n/an/a
NSF terrorists21n/an/a
ammo total2946433
buckshot rounds24580
EMP grenades220
gas grenades001
napalm rounds1003000
prod charger rounds880
rocket rounds882
rounds of 10mm ammo01110
rounds of 7.62x51mm ammo1501500
tranquilizer darts040
other important items13n/a0
bioelectric cells4n/a0