Area51 - Bunker

Jock has just dropped you off at the remains of the topside part of Bob Page’s Area 51 base after your missile struck. Avoiding the sniper on the tower and the security bots below, head northeast and drop down onto an overturned black van. Enter the nearby building and pick up the nanokey lying on the floor by a dead body. Use the nanokey to open the hatch in the floor nearby and climb down into the basement. You get 50 skill points. There is a datacube down here and also an augmentation upgrade canister behind a sealed door. Use a multitool to get at the canister and use it to upgrade the spy drone augmentation to level 2. Climb out of the basement and find the lockers. Inside one of the locked ones you can find a replacement multitool (break the locker open). Leave this building and make your way over to the tower where the sniper is located (once again you’ll have to avoid the bots). Use your nanokey to enter the base of the tower. Climb the ladder up after disabling the LAM on the wall. At the top kill the MJ12 trooper and use the security computer terminal to switch off the camera and open the blast doors. You should also get 100 skill points up here. Come down from the tower and, avoiding the bots again, enter the hangar to the Northwest.


Inside are some enemies. However, if you look in the window of the top room inside the hangar you might be able to see a repair bot in there, so now you know it is safe to use regeneration without worrying about running out of energy. Kill the 2 MJ12 commandos and the man in black. Use the large slanting concrete beam to get into the room with the repair bot. You are awarded 50 skill points for entering the room. You can also speak to a soldier that has managed to survive. Get back onto the concrete beam and climb onto the roof for a further 50 skill points. You will also find a nanokey here. Get back to ground level and enter the lower room through the window (break the cardboard boxes in the way). There is a datacube in here. Go back outside the hangar now to destroy the 2 security bots and return to replenish your health using the repair bot.

Approach the main blast doors that are now open. Use the security computer terminal on the left to disable the camera and set the turret to attack enemies. Destroy the 2 security bots up ahead, one in either branch of the tunnel. You may need to use combat strength to help you. Once they are dealt with take the branch to the right that leads to the generator. Kill the mini-spiderbot in the storage area to the right, down some steps and then go through the unlocked door on the right of the room. Climb the ladder and destroy the next mini-spiderbot you come to. Go down the ladder on the other side of the room to get to where the generator is. Open the control panel and press the button to give the elevator some power. You will get 50 skill points for this. Climb the ladder again and jump off the top of the room. Use the repair bot if you need it. Now get back outside the facility again. Enter the hangar to the right and climb onto the roof of the building in which there is the repair bot. From here get onto the beam that runs around the wall of the hangar and walk along it until you are above the large fan. Drop down and open the hatch. Jump onto the middle of the fan and break the blades off. Jump down into the water below. Climb out of the water and go up the steps where you will get 50 skill points. At the end of the tunnel use the security computer terminal to disable the camera and set the turret to attack enemies. Take the lift down and then deliberately trip the blue lasers to release a security bot behind you. Destroy it using combat strength and then regenerate your lost health. Continue along the passage and descend the long ladders. Approach the entrance to sector 2 to get 50 skill points. Call the main lift by pressing the button and ride it to the top. Return to the generator room and use the repair bot once more. Ride the lift down and press the button to open the doors to sector 2. Approach the next set of doors.

Area51 - Entrance

Avoid the security camera and deliberately trip the blue lasers below to release 2 mini-spiderbots that you should then promptly kill. Approach the yellow machine in the intersection of the passages and when it starts to make a noise you should then back off again as it will explode. After the explosion and the message from Bob Page go to the communication device to talk with Everett. Take the passage to the East and kill the MJ12 commando patrolling along here. Approach the room to the South and kill the MJ12 commando that comes to meet you. Now enter that room and kill the 3 MJ12 troopers inside (it is best to lure the 2 that carry assault rifles out and kill them in the corridor, then deal with the sniper on the crane in the same way as you dealt with Howard Strong, using the speed enhancement augmentation). You have now secured yourself an area with a repair bot, so you don’t have to be quite as careful in this sector from now on. Find the hatch by the repair bot and climb down under the floor. Move north along here. To get past the gases coming from the pipes, use speed enhancement and environmental resistance. Round the corner are 2 baby karkians that you should kill. Continue to the end of the tunnel and you get 50 skill points. Use the two valves to shut off the steam and return to the repair bot.


Go back to where you spoke with Everett and then take the passage that leads north. Destroy the security bot and keep going until you reach a camera and turret. Run towards the door on the left and hide from the camera behind the doorframe. Enter the code that Alex got for you to open this door. Kill the MJ12 trooper and the woman in black that are in here. You get 50 skill points as you enter the room. Read the datacube and use the security computer terminal to deactivate the camera outside and set the turret to enemies. Leave this room and now enter the barracks that you passed on your way here, using the same code to get in. Use the code from the last datacube to enter open the storage area containing the augmentation upgrade canister, and use it to bring your spy drone augmentation up to level 3. There is also a nanokey in here and you will get 50 skill points. On the other wall are two more sealed areas containing items of interest to you. One has a greasel that you want to kill and another has 4 flare darts. Unfortunately you can’t discover the codes to the keypads and the seals are indestructible. I’m assuming you don’t want to spend hours trying to guess the codes so you’ll have to use 2 multitools, one on each of these keypads. You can recover one multitool from the area that the greasel had been in. You can pick up another multitool from the table tennis table in the recreation room (the one near the turret). Return to the repair bot and go up the stairs. Use your nanokey to open the door and go through. You are given 100 skill points. Press the button to summon the lift and Page will send some assassins up to you. Kill the 2 MJ12 troopers and the man in black. Now make sure that you have full health and energy as you won’t be able to return here soon. Get onto the lift that the assassins came up on. Press the button to ride the lift down and step out. The door of the lift will close behind you. Go round the corner and a new map will load.

Area51 - Final

Speak to Tong on the communications device. Go through the doors that have now been opened and quietly walk around to the far side of all the yellow machinery in front of you. Be sure to avoid the watch of the sniper and other guards on the walkways above. Kill the karkian, baby karkian and greasel that are here. Go through the door on the left and down the steps into the flooded area. Kill the 2 greasels that are swimming around and then pick up the nanokey and read the datacube under the dead mechanic’s body. Exit this flooded area again and enter the door to the East using your nanokey. Go up the stairs all the way to the top. Sneak past the enemies and go left. Climb down the ladder and kill the MJ12 trooper on this sniping platform. When the troops have stopped panicking, sneak up the ladder again and go through the door to the West. Enter the next room and read the datacube. Go through the next door and kill the MJ12 trooper on this walkway. Return to the previous room and climb the ladder to the roof. Read the datacube by the dead body. Go back down to the room adjoining to the staircase. Kill the man in black, but let the friendly mechanic survive (try not to let the man in black’s explosion harm him). Read the datacube in here and then use the security computer terminal to disable the camera and open the door as well as to open the augmentation containment field. Pick up the augmentation upgrade canister and use it to bring your spy drone augmentation up to level 4. Go down the stairs to the next unlocked door and take it out onto the walkways. Kill the 2 MJ12 troopers here.

Take the stairs all the way to the bottom and then follow the sign to the reactor lab (take the two flights of stairs down to the right). Kill the 2 mini-spiderbots and enter Reactor Lab B13 to get 100 skill points. Don’t use regeneration here, as you will come to a medical bot before a repair bot. Cross the reactor lab and go up the ladder found in the far right corner of the lab. Talk to the mechanic who will give you a code. Kill the 2 grays that are running around somewhere in the reactor lab. There is also a datacube roughly under the ladder you took to reach the mechanic, but on the lower level of the lab. When you venture down there you should use your environmental resistance augmentation. Return to the large staircase near the start of sector 3 and go up to the locked door. Enter the code that the mechanic gave you and go inside. Here you will get 100 skill points. Use the medical bot to get back to full health. I recommend that you read the e-mails stored on the personal computer terminal in this room - some are very interesting (though seemingly somewhat old). For instance some of them describe previous collaboration between Bob Page and Everett, Dowd and Lucius DeBeers. Take the ladder down and kill the 2 grays that are here. Go to the left and kill the MJ12 commando on the enclosed bridge. Go down the stairs and enter the aquinas control room. There is a repair bot for you to use in here. Take the lift up to the top and speak with Helios, the computer. You get 100 skill points here.


Ride the lift back to level 2 and leave the control room. 2 friendly security bots are released and 3 MJ12 commandos will appear at the top of the steps. Help the bots to kill the commandos so that the bots survive. Use a multitool to open the locked door where the bots are. Go inside and you will get 50 skill points. Go through the lower door to the South and you will see the doors in the distance open as a train arrives carrying a man in black and an MJ12 trooper. Help the bots to kill them as for the commandos. Use speed enhancement to jump across the gap to where the train had come from. You get 50 skill points here. Jump back across again and go over the enclosed bridge back to where the last two grays were. Go down the stairs and read the datacube by the dead body. Take the door out onto the walkway and kill the MJ12 trooper. The first of the locked doors down the stairs can be opened using a code you acquired. Go inside to get 50 skill points. Spend 1575 skill points to become trained in the use of the sniper rifle. Continue down the stairs to the bottom and kill the greasel. Then take out the spiderbot that is in the large area outside. Use another multitool to open the locked door here. You will get another 50 skill points for stepping inside. Approach the large doors to the North and they will open for you. Read the datacube on the floor and go up the steps. Press the button to open the next door and go through to sector 4. Speak to Gary Savage and then go through to the next area.

Area51 - Page

Read the 4 datacubes by the suspension chambers and also find one more datacube in the middle lowered area of this room. As you approach the northeast corner there will be an explosion blocking that hallway. One of the dead bodies in here contains an augmentation upgrade canister. Use it to bring your EMP shield augmentation up to level 2. A dead body in the lowered area will provide you with a multitool. Go through the passage leading to the North and use the security computer terminal to switch off the camera, unlock and open the door, and remove the radiation from the next room (“environmental generators”). Go through into the previously radioactive room and kill the 2 grays. Keep moving east past the next two doors and you will finally meet face to face with Bob Page. After your conversation has finished back off to avoid the turrets nearby.


Use your speed enhancement to run past the turret to the right and climb the ladder. Go right and break open the locked box to find 4 flare darts - you should now have the full 60 flare darts. Keep going down the stairs and approach the blue fusion device. You already know the first three digits of the code so guess until you find the fourth one. When you have entered the correct code 2 security bots will be released behind you. Use combat strength and regeneration to defeat them. Go back across the bridge and find a hatch in the floor in front of some pipes. Go down the ladder below and you will come across a datacube next to a dead mechanic. Leave through the door here. If you try to kill the various creatures you will notice that there seems to be a never ending supply of them. That is because a UC is creating new ones as you kill those that are currently roaming around. However the UC doesn’t constantly produce more - it only replaces the ones you kill. Having stated that you should try to kill as many enemies as possible causes a slight problem here because you could theoretically keep killing as many as you wanted to. So the best thing to do is, for the purposes of the statistics section, to declare that when you think you have killed one of these enemies the UC simply regenerates them, and thus you can only count it as a kill after disabling the UC. To disable the UC you need to access the UC control room which is located right next to the UC to the North. Access is restricted by a 4 digit keypad; however if you were to come up with a list of the 10 simplest 4 digit codes, this would be in that list, so simply guess the code to get in. Press the button to close off the UC. Now you can worry about killing the various creatures down here. All in all there are 4 greasels and 3 karkians.

Find another blue fusion reactor on this lower level and enter the same code as for the last one. There is also a repair bot down here that you should make use of. Smash open the door that is next to the blue fusion reactor and go through. Press the button to open the hole in the floor and jump into the water. You will need to use your aqualung here. Swim along until you reach the first place where you can take a breath. There is a ladder here leading over the wire fence. Climb up and kill the MJ12 commando on patrol nearby. 2 MJ12 troopers are likely to come to get you from the lowered north end of the room. Kill them too. In this room is some machinery on which there is a switch to “flush the system”. Press this switch. From where you came out of the water and killed the commando, turn right. Climb the ladder at the far end of this room and kill the MJ12 trooper on the walkway. Go along to the end and through the passage to the walkway above the previous room. Kill the MJ12 trooper here as well. Get back down the ladder and go down the steps on the south wall. There is a locked cupboard down here that you should break open to find a multitool and some 20mm HE ammo. You now have all the 20mm HE ammo that you can carry. Press the button next to the door to the East to open it and do the same for the one beyond it. This brings you back out to the repair bot that you can now use.

There is another locked door to the East. Use the code you got from a recent datacube to open it. As you step inside there will be an explosion and the whole room becomes very hazardous. Look for a security computer terminal in the far left corner of the room. Use speed enhancement to run over to it (that corner at least is safe). Use the terminal to disable the camera and to unlock and open the door it controls. Sprint back out of the room to the repair bot and close the door behind you. Go over to the southwest corner of this large room to find a staircase. Go up the stairs. Behind you is a locked cupboard that can smashed open containing a datacube. If you get past the radioactive barrel on the left there is a repair bot and another datacube on a shelf there. Continue up the slope and enable environmental resistance. In this radioactive room you will find another blue fusion reactor that you should shut down. Exit the room through its door to find yourself on a floor with lots of grays and another UC. Close off the UC just as you did for the precious one (the UC and its control room are to the West and the code is the same as before). There are 3 grays for you to kill in total. In the middle of this floor you will find the last of the blue fusion reactors. Enter the code for this one as well. On top of the radioactive room that contained the third blue fusion device is a dead scientist and a datacube. You can get up there using your speed enhancement.

Return to the lower level and get to the southeast corner. Press the button to call the lift and ride it to the top. Go down the ladder and sprint past Page to the North. Ahead of you is the door to the control room for a third UC which is producing mini-spiderbots. Go inside and close it off, then destroy the 2 mini-spiderbots that have been chasing you. Head east and then enter the aquinas router room. Do as Helios says by pressing the two “engage” buttons, then logging into the computer that is made available and choosing to engage the primary router.


Return past Bob Page to sector 3. Go to the reactor lab and do as Tong says: press the failsafe switches at the base of each reactor and then go to the control room. Activate the three ion injectors. The mechanic will now turn on you with a gun to try and stop you from blowing up the facility. Kill him. At this point you can’t do anything more without having to make a choice between one of the three possible endings. I have included a save-game from this position.

To destroy Area51 and both Bob Page and Helios along with it:

Simply press the “engage” button in front of you and make a run for it as the reactor becomes unstable, then watch the ending sequence for this option.

To kill Bob Page but save Area 51 and thus join the illuminati:

Return to sector 4, get past Page and take the door on the right just before reaching the aquinas router. Press the button on the machinery and watch the end sequence.

To merge with Helios:

Go to the aquinas hub and take the lift up to Helios. When you approach Helios the game will come to an end and you can watch the associated ending sequence.

Whichever ending you chose you then get to see the credits float by and listen to some cool final music. Personally I prefer merging with Helios, but that’s just me 🙂


ItemsMinimum CollectedMaximum CollectedUsed Up / Dropped
skill points1150n/a1575
weapon modifications0n/a0
augmentation upgrades4n/a4
enemies killed74n/an/a
baby karkians3n/an/a
men in black4n/an/a
MJ12 commandos9n/an/a
MJ12 troopers17n/an/a
security bots8n/an/a
women in black1n/an/a
ammo total990
20mm HE ammo110
flare darts880
other important items5n/a5