• GRE over IPSec with IKEv2 between IOS and OpenBSD
    Although the enterprise WAN connectivity market is increasingly focused on SD-WAN nowadays, there are still plenty of scenarios which call for more standards-based VPN technologies. In particular, inter-organisational connectivity (such as between partner companies). Not only does the proprietary nature of the SD-WAN solutions available today mean they are unsuitable for such environments, but their … Read more
  • Easy-RSA as the basis for a PKI
    This will be the first of a number of posts that I would have made in the past if I’d had a blog at the time. In other words the contents dates back a couple of years. But it should nevertheless (hopefully) still be relevant/interesting! Why bother with a private PKI at all? Just use … Read more
  • Deus Ex Walkthrough
    I have now reinstated the walkthrough that I wrote many years ago for the original Deus Ex game. Redirects from the original URLs should be in place too, just in case anyone has been eagerly awaiting its return for such a long time 😉 You’ll find the walkthrough at https://lspeed.org/deus-ex-walkthrough.
  • ioquake3 / Quake3e / OSP / CPMA / CNQ3
    Since our little boy arrived 8 months ago, opportunities to spend time gaming have become extremely scarce. So I find myself gravitating back towards Quake 3 Arena, rather than the single-player FPS games I’ve mostly been playing over the past 15 years or so, as a quick game of Quake 3 is typically short enough … Read more
  • Welcome!
    So I finally decided that the time has come to reinstate my website, having taking the previous incarnation offline around 7 years ago or so. The previous site had been built using Joomla (originally Mambo), but this time around it seemed like an easy decision to go with WordPress, given its popularity. For now I’m … Read more